Why renting logistics warehouses help when outsourcing logistics?

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Renting logistics warehouses opens up space for the outsourcing of various logistics activities

and the assistance in the growth of online sales has been one of the main benefits of this

activity. Logistics outsourcing, in turn, is a fundamental practice to ensure the success of a

business, since it enables all of the organization's efforts to be concentrated for its core


Many companies are adopting the strategy of renting logistics warehouses as a way to optimize

the processes of the supply chain, being a step in the outsourcing process.

In this post, we will look into some relations between logistics warehouses leasing and other

steps to be possibly outsourced. Follow up and check it out!


Some of the key deciding factors for the customer when making a purchase are the product

delivery time and availability. For a company to be in alignment with the delivery terms,

availability and low cost it is essential that the distribution center is in a good location. This

entire process can be more efficient when you are closer to your customers.

Due to that, the market leading organizations rent the logistics warehouses in condominiums

that have a great strategic location, which makes the delivery process more agile, making a

competitive business differential for the company. In addition, in logistics condos the costs are

shared and you can also count on an excellent infrastructure.

The investment and the implementation time are low, since all the necessary structure is

already ready, needing only the adaptations of each operation. No need to buy, design and

build anything.


It is fundamental to analyze some factors that directly influence the price of the service to be

hired, before opting for the transportation outsourcing service.

Cargo weight, type of product, truck characteristics, invoice value and freight destination are the

necessary information to know. These data directly interfere on the formation of the service

cost, both for the outsourcing of the fleet and for its maintenance.

If the distribution center is located strategically, freight costs may be lower, which makes the

service overall price more competitive. This can be achieved by renting logistics warehouses.


It is common to have wasting issues in the logistics processes due to the lack of preparation of

many employees. Outsourced companies have professionals qualified to better develop

logistics activities. Outsourcing provides well-trained and up to date employees. It is very

important to seek professionals and specialized companies that contribute to this process.

With the rental of logistics condominiums, it is also possible to obtain specialized workforce

areas, since the human resources for the installation and maintenance of structures such as

locker rooms, canteens and ambulatories are included in the common area of ​​the condominium.

The administration of the condominium is also performed by qualified professionals and the

expenses of these services are proportionally shared among the joint owners.

As seen, renting logistics warehouses is a great strategy for optimizing the logistics

management, which directly leads to your business growth.

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